Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beautiful Day For Some Hot Music! Thanks B A Headrock!

Rockin' On Main Street in Old Town, Lilburn, Georgia!

B.A. Headrock and Cahterine Davis

Who could have asked for a better Saturday?!!! The sun bathed you in its warmth and it felt like Spring was right around the corner. We had a rockin' day at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques! B.A. Headrock played some fantastic old rock music. The building next to mine is for rent (hint, hint - it would be a great shop!) and Bruce set up on the front porch next door to me! He rocked Main Street! I hope he will come back and jam with us again soon - maybe next Saturday!

Catherine Davis, Lilburn's 2009 Tween Idol winner, came by and sang a few songs too. Look for her to have her own event in February.

My photos are horrid! The sun was bright (oh thank you for the lovely day!) and they were under the small porch roof. My camera is almost an antique and didn't adjust to the lighting. But you can see some smiling faces and know how much fun they were having!

Thanks Bruce! I LOVE your music!

Oh yes, a PS. I made a few sales. I get to excited about my events, I forget I am an antique shop! Visit my Etsy shop if you can't get by to visit. New items will be listed later today!

Mark you calendar for next Saturday, Feb. 5th. Emilie P. Bishop will be signing her book, Chenda and the Airship Brofman from noon til 3. You don't want to miss Emilie. She is wonderful!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can't Visit Our Shop? Shop Us On Etsy: ShopOfOnesOwn

Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

Many of our small antique and gift items, jewelry, and vintage art will be available in our Etsy shop starting tomorrow. If you can't make it to the shop, our shop will come to you! Our site on Etsy is ShopOfOnesOwn, there wasn't enough space to put our full name, The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques! (My, that is a mouth full!) But I do refer to it as a shop of one's own!

In addition to the antique and gently used items in the shop, our featured artists and authors will have their work available in our Etsy shop during their exhibit periods!

A simple, fun and easy way to find a treasure at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Photos By Cheryl Lewis - Opening Day Of Shop

My Smilebox scrapbook in my last post gives you a peek at all the fun we had! Cheryl Lewis sent a few photos that I love! I am sharing them with you here! They are the photos dreams are made of. Just like her Haiti photos on exhibit at the shop through Feb 22. Enjoy!
Mannequin in my front window wearing Steampunk glasses. We are getting ready for our next event on Sat, Feb 5th, a book signing by Emilie P. Bush, author of the Steampunk novel, Chenda and The Airship Brofman!
One of the Sunday school girls
Musician Larry Joe Hall

And finally a photo of Cheryl and a friend, taken by one of her Sunday school girls!

See you soon! More exciting events coming up at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

See Our Items For Saturday With 100% of Sales To Friends Of Dekalb Animals

Special doggie themed items for Saturday's Grand Opening. 100% of the money on this shelf goes to FODA on Saturday. A great way to shop and you can deduct off your taxes! These payments go directly to FODA.

Remember that 50% of all other sales (except for the Haiti photographs, which have their own fund raiser) on Saturday will benefit FODA too!

A close-up of the shelves!

Come on down! ( Or up,or East or West! I dunno). Help a good cause. Listen to music. We are getting ready to rock at 94 Main Street in Lilburn, Georgia!

Tomorrow, Cheryl Lewis brings her Haiti photos and I have to finish pulling the shop together!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Countdown to Opening - First Luncheon With Lilburn Business Association

I won this lovely Amaryllis at the Lilburn Business Association Luncheon and met Catherine Davis, Lilburn's Tween Idol Winner 2009

Tuesday I attended my first luncheon with the Lilburn Business Association. The food was yummy, the speaker's words on finding a mission plan for your business gave me some excellent ideas to fine-tune mine, and I met the most wonderful people. I look forward to becoming active with this group!

I want to introduce you to Catherine Davis, a lovely gal I met on Tuesday. She is a singer with a beautiful voice and was Lilburn's Tween Idol Winner in 2009. Look for an evening event with Catherine singing soon at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques!

I love my Amaryllis. It is sitting in the shop window basking in the sunlight that is finally here. I take this as a "sign" that my shop will bloom and grow, just as this lovely plant is doing!


This lovely plant was donated to the luncheon by Dorough Landscape Company in Lilburn, Georgia.
Thank you Doug!

Meanwhile I am on countdown. Two more days to get the shop in order and our Grand Opening on Saturday, Jan. 22nd. My sign is up, my shutters on the front window in their shabby yellow/gold paint look charming, and my benches are painted purple to blend with my sign. 

Stay Tuned For More Details Tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photographs of Haiti, by Atlanta's Cheryl Lewis, Sat. June 22nd

Saturday, Jan 22nd, begins a month long exhibit of photographs of Haiti by metro Atlanta resident, Cheryl Lewis.

I asked Cheryl for a bio to include with her photos and this is what she sent:

"A bio normally includes all of the wonderful professional and personal accomplishments accrued over a presenter’s lifetime. I’m glad to have had a few. But, after serving in Haiti soon after last year’s January 12th earthquake, all of my accolades meant nothing to me. I had no nursing skills with which to mend their hurts. All I could do was show up to demonstrate that God cares. And so I did. I tell about that on my blog. If you don’t have time to go there, their faces will tell the story. Look closely. But for the grace of God, their faces could be ours. I only wish that, with all of our perks in life, our smiles were as broad as so many I saw there."

Cheryl has a huge heart for others. Her bio was written from that loving heart. I want to tell you a little more about Cheryl's credits! And this is just a small list.

Cheryl is an award-winning journalist and editor.  In 2001, she was selected by Ladies Home Journal to write its front-page coverage following the 9/11 tragedy. She also got the nod by nationally acclaimed and syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz to help write and edit his NY Times number-one bestseller, The Fair Tax. In addition to ghostwriting several manuscripts for local and regional authors, Cheryl was asked by Atlanta’s Varsity restaurant to interview dozens of longtime patrons for its celebratory 75th anniversary book.

Cheryl's photos of the people of Haiti, especially the children, will amaze you with their honesty and beauty.

Sales of her photos go to a fund to help find a young boy she met on her trip, Markenley. Her wish is to help with his education. With Cheryl will be several of the girls from her Sunday School class selling hot chocolate to help raise funds for Markenley.

Read more of Cheryl's story on her blog by clicking here

A few of the photos that will be on display from Jan. 22 - Feb. 22nd.

Photo from Cheryl's blog

Read more on Cheryl's Haiti on Skirt magazine online. "It Has Been A Year, Haiti." 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Steampunk Pins by Etsy artist Trollenalong, Jan Berlepsch

Little artist made Steampunk pin available on Etsy and at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques

More artists will have one-of-a-kind items for sale at The Little Shop Of Arts and Antiques!

Today meet artist Jan Berlepsch and her wonderful creations. Jan sells on Etsy under the name Trollenalong and some of her creations will be for sale at our shop beginning January 22nd.

In Jan's own words: 

"About ten years ago the name "trollenalong" became my artist identity for 2 reasons: I lived on a sailboat in the USVI and when we sailed we trolled for out dinner; and because I started making Art Dolls that seemed to render themselves as "trolls", hence "trollenalong"
I now live on "terra ferma" and no longer troll for dinner but I still make trolls.
I am a nature lover, a dreamer, lover of faery tales, mystery and magic. My creative force is driven by my joy in bringing fantasy images to life in the form of 3D sculptures.
My favorite artists include Susan Seddon Boulet, Michael Parkes, Brian and Wendy Froud, James Christensen, Daniel Merriam and Jim Henson.
I hope you enjoy my store which includes Art Dolls, GourdArt and most recently, Steampunk Pins. Each item is a unique individual, a one of a kind creation, a little piece of Love......and YES, I do believe in... "

Photos of Jan at work in her studio.

photos Pam King Photography

More Steampunk items:

Sleeping Dragon Dreamcatcher

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sneak Peek! Art Rubber Stamp Cards By Artist Audrey Frank

As the week begins for the shop's grand opening on Saturday, there will be a sneak peek each night of some of the one-of-a-kind items and artists who will share their work with us!
Hand stamped and colored art rubber stamp original card.

Tonight, family first! My mother is a rubber stamp artist and was a pioneer in the field of art stamping when it first started to become an art form some many years back. Mother's shop, Stamp Augustine, in St. Augustine, Florida, was a destination for other stampers to learn the different techniques and to buy unusual stamps to work with. Mother sold her shop, but still continues her love of rubber stamping.

She was a featured artist online at Claire's Collectibles, and loves to visit this favorite art rubber stamp shop around the corner from her house. You can see more of mother's work on this site, June Artist Audrey Frank .

Each card is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, hand stamped, colored and designed work of art. Many of her cards are embellished with trims that make the card 2-dimensional.

These cards are unique and will be sure to please family and friends who receive them!

While the scans of the cards are lovely, they do not show the true beauty and details of the actual cards.

Ribbons, glitter, 2-D embellishments, and more, make each little card a special work of art! Audrey Frank's line of cards will be available at The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques starting with our grand opening on Jan. 22nd.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow In Atlanta - Shop Opening Postponed Til Sat. Jan 22

Due to the heavy snow in Atlanta, The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques has postponed its opening celebration to Sat., January 22nd. Same time, same events, just a different day! Mark your calendar on this change and plan to come have some fun and help a great cause, Friends Of DeKalb Animals.

View the inspiring photos of Haiti by Atlanta writer and photographer Cheryl Lewis.

Live music by Larry Joe Hall from noon til 3pm.

Ask A Vet session by Dr. Max Katz, North Dekalb Vet Clinic!

More details in the previous post!

My Dear, See You At The Grand Opening Saturday, January 22nd!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Official Press Release On American

New Shop Brings Antiques, Art, Writers Guild and Charity Events To Old Town, Lilburn, Ga.

from:The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques category:Arts and Entertainment posted:January 7th, 2011

The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques, located at 94 Main Street in Old Town, Lilburn, Georgia, will open its doors for business on Saturday, January 15th, with live music and a charity event.

The shop's focus is to, not only sell antiques, but to promote events that will enhance Lilburn's art and writing community.

The shop will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with events on weekends and evenings.

Owner, Barbara Barth, is a self-published author, writer on many blogs and a former antique dealer. The last two years have been spent writing and developing contacts in the writing, publishing and art world. The shop will bring her back into the antique main stream.

A resident of DeKalb County, she plans to bring together the arts and animal rescue communities from the surrounding counties into the hub of Old Town. Barbara's love of Old Town developed when she was an antique dealer at Antiques In Old Town some years ago.

"This is a perfect spot to start a new business. The community is one of the nicest and friendliest I have found!"

The grand opening of The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques will feature a charity event for Friends Of  Dekalb Animals, an animal transport non-profit rescue group associated with Animal Action Rescue. 50% of all sales on January 15th will go to FODA.

On hand will be Dr. Max Katz, North DeKalb Veterninary Clinic, with his "Ask The Vet" question and answer period.

In addition, January 15th will kick off a month long exhibit of photos of Haiti by Atlanta writer and photographer, Cheryl Lewis. She was a member of a volunteer team that went to assist Haiti after the devastating earthquake January 12, 2010. Her photos show the spirit of the people and children of Haiti.

The shop is open normal business hours on January 15th, from 11AM to 5PM, with live music performed by Larry Joe Hall, from noon until 3PM.

The next event at the shop will be a book signing on February 5th by Emilie P. Bush, local author of the Steampunk novel, Chenda and The Airship Brofman, which was a 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Award entry.

Additional book singings and writing workshops are being developed now and will be announced shortly.

Barbara Barth is an advocate of animal rescue and many events and special sales at the shop will be geared to raise money for various non-profit animal shelters.

The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques is a meeting place for friends to visit and drink coffee. Purchases are nice, but not necessary, a friendly hello is a must. Please drop by and introduce yourself.

If you are an artist, or author, and would like to be featured at the shop, you can contact Barbara Barth at 404-326-7306
Visit the shop's blog to keep up on the latest events, news and sales.

Learn more about Lilburn, Ga. at

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Shop Event Scheduled For Saturday, Jan. 15th!

Time To Celebrate! Shop Opens January 13th with an event for Friends Of DeKalb Animals on Saturday, January 15th. Mark you calendar! Special Sales With Proceeds Going To FODA. These are great folks and a branch of my ever favorite Animal Action Rescue group!

I was issued my Gwinnett County Certificate Of Occupancy today! After my original walk through on December 15th by the Fire Marshal Inspector there were some minor, but very important changes to do. All the interior key locks had to be thumb turn locks and I had to upgrade to lever hardware. Then I needed an emergency exit light over the front door, a commercial fire extinguisher from a certified company and a guard rail along the upper deck. Done! I passed. Now my final work this week is to have the City of Lilburn do their inspection and issue a business license!

Lots of news on the horizon! Look for author book signings, some wonderful artist items and a little bit of Steampunk coming your way in February!

If you are an author and would like a book signing or an artist who would like a small show, please contact me with your e-mail address! Musicians welcomed to come sit a spell and play for us! We are going to rock at 94 Main Street!